Thursday, February 16, 2006

A 3rd Project! Knit & felted Water Bottle Tote

Here's something a little different. I used my Knifty Knitter loom and my luxury yarn that I raised here on the farm. True Black huacaya alpaca 70% blended with 30% light grey english angora rabbit. This yarn is heavenly! It cost me a small fortune to get it processed because nobody likes to mill angora rabbit because of it leaves a cloud of fleece on the machinery & everything in the room. It's very messy due to it's fly-away consistency. The best I can describe angora is ... like cotton candy on the tongue. You just can't feel it. It's so light, so soft... it's as if you're not touching anything. Heavenly it is. Blended with alpaca only makes it that much more luxurious.

This water bottle tote came to mind as a useful item for when I take the alpacas for walks, or when working out back... or even cleaning pastures. Power walkers, bicyclers, beach combers... many people find this useful.
I used a Knifty Knitter loom, with my Angora/Alpaca blended yarn as described above.
The handle or strap... was attached as I removed the project from the loom (I forget what that's called) - but I wanted to add strength so I started making the strap using 3 pegs- as close to the bottom of the tote. (I tightened it up later). Once I completed making the strap, I attached it to each side of the "pocket" or tote... using a crochet hook. The strap goes all the way down to the base of the tote & is tied inside- both strap ends. Then the tails are weaved in to the existing stitches.
I added the beige accent as a contrast. Oh... I also made a knit ring that I knit around the strap where I hang my keys when I am out walking.
Once I got all done, I washed it in the washing machine, hot soapy water on a short cycle.
It didn't shrink and felted only partially but just enough to add strenth and hold the knitting together & prevent stretching. I may even wash it again.
It holds up to a quart bottle.
Please feel free to post your comments.

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Carla said...

This is great, I am going to try one. This is just what I need to walk around with my boys at the baseball games. Thanks for the idea.