Sunday, March 26, 2006

Project #7 Baby Bonnet

Thanks to Judy Hudson, I was able to learn how to make a baby bonnet! I added the white flower myself as an accent to add pizazz! This particular bonnet was made from 2 fingering wgt stands of pink alpaca & one strand of sport wgt alpaca/fine merino.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

5th Project (Avery's Hat) In Use!

I couldn't resist posting my beautiful grandaughter's picture again! She is wearing the alpaca hat I made for her. This was my 5th project. Better photos of the hat are below in a previous post. This post is for the sole purpose of showing off Avery, my grandaughter :o)

Finished Project #6 Baby Blue Alpaca Scarf!

I finally finished my 6th project! The scarf took alot longer than the hats. I really am pleased with the mysterious pattern I used for this scarf. The single strand yarn (alpaca) fingering wgt that is... makes this a light, dressy scarf more for style than function. It has a natural curl to the edges that actually adds to it's delicate design.

I don't know that I will hurry off to start another scarf soon as it is time consuming for someone that works full time off the farm and has farm chores to do on the farm, a business to run and a webstore to maintain. Working on the scarf made me put off all other responsibilities as I was eager to complete the scarf. (aka... addicted to looming) :o)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

6th Project In The Works!


Well... I have to tell you all, I purchased the Curley Q scarf pattern & put it to the test. Needless to say, as a newbie in the loom knitting world.... I failed to understand the pattern directions. I failed miserably! I need visuals. So basically I wasted $5 on a pattern I can't use. At least not right now. Later I'll hunt down someone who can "show me" what they mean.

In the mean time my hands felt creative. Playing around with my adult sock loom, I found a very pretty stitch that I'd love to know the name of. My scarf is being made using 26 of 28 pegs. The yarn is single strand light baby blue alpaca cloud fingering weight. The photos on my monitor appear much darker than the yarn really is.

The scarf has a nice pattern on both sides. I start with a double wrap on peg #1, dip under peg 2, up & wrap around peg 2 in an upside down "e" wrap, to peg 3 in a regular "e" wrap, to #4 upside down "e" wrap, so on & so forth.

It sounds complicated but it's not. I have no clue what the stitch or pattern is called so I call it.... "this way & that way" stitch. Simply because I switch back & forth every other peg with the "e" wrap. The results are very pretty.

* So please, if anyone recognizes this stitch or pattern, please leave a cooment so I as a newbie to the loom knitting world, can start learning some of this knitting lingo.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Avery's 1st Alpaca Hat! My 5th Project.

Well, I've been buying a variety of yarns in different textures as I catch sales... but as I sit idol.... my heart keeps traveling to my new (and only) grandchild in Silver Bay,MN. Her name is Avery...and I have not met her yet. Since I can not be there to meet her right now, I decided to loom her a pretty hat made of 100% Alpaca as temps are bitter cold on Lake Superior.
I can't have my new grandaughter catching cold now can I?!

Now that I have the hats down..... I need to start learning how to loom other garments or projects to expand my skills. So bring it on!

Be sure to take a few minutes to shop for yarns!