Saturday, April 08, 2006

8th project ~ Furry Rainbow Bag

Here it is! My furry rainbow bag with drawstring closure & a side pocket that has an I-cord button closure. I used the large knifty knitter loom.
This is the first project I have made that isn't made from alpaca.
I just couldn't resist this attractive yarn as I wandered down the yarn isles of Walmart. The photos do it no justice. There's pinks, purples, blue's, magenta, yellow, greens, metallic.... and several colors in between.
It's lusciously soft.
nobo No Boundries yarn 3 50g skeins Dye Lot 208
Stock # 379/1 MUL 1057
57% acrylic
24% nylon
18% wool
1% metallic


Cloudwing said...

Ohh! Beautiful, going to check out the walmart near me.
Deb IL
Thanks for sharing.

Cloudwing said...

(We both are in loom class) I love that yarn. Our Walmart doesn't have it (they hardly have anything for knitters). So, can we talk {email} LOL
Deb IL treat yourself're a VIP!

PamK said...

I'd be more than happy to pick you some up if you'd like. It is so much prettier than the photos.
Thanks for visiting my blog!
If you want to talk (email)... email me directly: