Saturday, May 27, 2006

Waiting for our alpacas to dry ...

It's Saturday May 27th, 2006. We've been trying to shear our alpacas for several weeks now however mother nature seems to rain on shearing party every weekend. We can't shear them wet so... here we wait. Actually the sun came out this afternoon & is starting to dry them up however I have to go to work in just a short while.
Impatient with the weather... I found myself surfing loom knitting websites again. After several months of deciding no... I finally caved in and purchased some more looms!
I went to Decor Accents and purchased 3 looms: a 60" Infinity Rake- Small gauge, a Adult Hat loom Small gauge, and a Child Hat loom - Small gauge. With s&h it come to $124.13 !! Now I have to convince myself that I CAN use the afinity loom. I just love the waffle weave afghan by Cindy Abernethy and may just attempt it :o)

The hat looms won't be a problem. I use my knifty knitters regularly however I wanted a smaller gauge so I don't need to use double strands all the time.

I haven't had the time to do much looming lately which is why I haven't posted anything. Hopefully after shearing & alpaca sales, writing contracts & such... I will be able to return to the loom! Until next time... Adios!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Drawstring Pouch

Here's a little drawstring pouch I made with some of remaining peaches & cream cotton yarn. It matches my tote bag. I started out practicing a stitch pattern that I found attractive, a double moss stitch however mine looks nothing like the photo I was going by.
The pattern was simple enough.
Row 1 ---> K2P2K2P2 all pegs.
Row 2 ---> K2P2K2P2 all pegs.
Row 3 ---> P2K2P2K2 all pegs
Row 4 ---> P2K2P2K2 all pegs.
Row 5 ---> K2P2K2P2 all pegs, etc...
Anyways, it was fun going from practicing a stitch to end up creating a bag from imagination. The bottom is made separately then crochet to the round sides of bag. The handle as you can see is an I-Cord made with my "Wonder Knitter". After starting the I-Cord on the wonder knitter, I had remembered that I have a new Embelish Knitter that I haven't even opened. I would have like to try that.
Well.... I am really enjoying my looms. I have no idea what I'll do with all my little projects but they're fun to make anyways!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Garter Stitch Tote with handles

Tonight I finished adding final touches to my class project....Tote bag with handles. Feeling creative, I decided to add some unique-ness to my tote.
I made a flower with stem & leaves.
As you can see, I had no green yarn so I made do with what I have.

This bag was done with Peaches & Cream Cotton Yarn (string) - Knit on the yellow Knifty Knitter loom using the garter stitch (which is not my favorite).

The stitch pattern looks like a basic (generic) needle knit stitch however it takes more work to do, having to alternate rows between purl & knit stitches.

This bag would be handy & practical if a liner was added to it to prevent things from falling thru the stitch holes.... and to prevent contents within the bag from getting snagged in the stitches.