Friday, May 12, 2006

Drawstring Pouch

Here's a little drawstring pouch I made with some of remaining peaches & cream cotton yarn. It matches my tote bag. I started out practicing a stitch pattern that I found attractive, a double moss stitch however mine looks nothing like the photo I was going by.
The pattern was simple enough.
Row 1 ---> K2P2K2P2 all pegs.
Row 2 ---> K2P2K2P2 all pegs.
Row 3 ---> P2K2P2K2 all pegs
Row 4 ---> P2K2P2K2 all pegs.
Row 5 ---> K2P2K2P2 all pegs, etc...
Anyways, it was fun going from practicing a stitch to end up creating a bag from imagination. The bottom is made separately then crochet to the round sides of bag. The handle as you can see is an I-Cord made with my "Wonder Knitter". After starting the I-Cord on the wonder knitter, I had remembered that I have a new Embelish Knitter that I haven't even opened. I would have like to try that.
Well.... I am really enjoying my looms. I have no idea what I'll do with all my little projects but they're fun to make anyways!

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