Saturday, June 10, 2006

Class Project ~ Fancy Purse

Well.... Here is my fancy purse. I had to complete it before all the directions were posted because I need my loom....

What I learned from this project:

* Eyelash type yarns end up with 90% of the eyelash wisps on the wrong side of project until you brush it to pull it back through.

* You really need a hard (firm) purse handle that is large enough to reach to both sides of purse.... and the solid handle to hold bag stretched out flat as my soft leather handle makes the purse drap in the middle at the top.

This was a nice fast project & the yarn is very soft. I used Caron Simply Soft Quick - Super bulky with a strand of Lion Brand Fancy Fur- Bulky > Knitting them together.

The flap I did with 2 strands of the Caron Simply Soft Quick.

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