Thursday, June 15, 2006

My New Looms!

Yippee!! I am doing the happy dance!!

I got my new looms from Decor Accents!! I just love the wonderful craftmanship!! I ordered all small gauge looms this time in an effort to cut back on the quantity of yarn needed. The regular/large gauge Knifty Knitter's usually take 2 strands which means twice as much yarn. Yippee Skippy!! I sure can't wait to start using them!!

I am so very impatient with myself! I can't stand it sometimes. I'm like a kid trying to sleep on Christmas Eve...knowing Santa is coming... oooh ...the anticipation!

I'm committed to another large project right now. Denise Layman asked me to test a new pattern for her (to my surprise :o) and I accepted the challenge! Why??! Hmmm. I have never been brave enough to even consider such a project as I have such difficulty understanding patterns.... at least I was having difficulty... until my brain started absorbing the info taught by our volunteer teachers over at our Loom Knitter's Classroom (yahoo group)! We've only done a few projects however the info I have been taught is worth it's weight in gold... I mean it's weight in yarn. LOL!

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