Friday, June 23, 2006

My World as we know it!

The Jiree Cardigan project is well under way. The back is done & one front panel is nearly finished. Just about 6 more rows. In between my loom knitting, I have been suffering with a very sore throat & inflammed lymph well as feeling run down...ill like.
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Yesterday I noticed one of of our White Crested Black Polish Bantams limping. After examining her, I found myself treating a very inflammed foot pad with a large sore smack dab in center of pad. All infected. So being a human nurse & animal lover, my natural instincts were to start treating her wound. I pulled the plug of dirt from the pad that filled the infected foot...soaked her foot in a small bowl of peroxide followed by a betadine dip. Dabbed her dry. Spread bacitracin ointment into the hole, and wrapped her foot up nice & neat with a mini sterile gauze, covering it with tape to keep it in place. I also gave her a shot of Penicillin.
Today she just about had her dressing off. I repeated the above treatment plan. The inflammation has gone down drastically since yesterday.

We love our Polish hens. They are so docile & easily handled. However they have cost me a small fortune. Back about 6 months ago we had one ( her name is Hippy Chick because of her hair do) ... anyways, Hippy started having frequent seizures lasting up to 1 hour. She has always had them but maybe once every 6 months or so. Her seizures started being every other day or so. To make a LONG story short, her vet visit, tests, medicines & special feed run me approximately $375 only to find out she has hypoglycemia (Diabetes). Her blood glucose level was extremely low. So now we have to feed her a special feed that is like a thick can of Ensure - used for parenteral stomach tube feedings. Thankfully she loves it...otherwise I don't know how we'd get it in her. Her seizures have subsided ever since we started feeding her the special Avian food. People thought I was plum loco spending that much on a chicken... but Hippy is like a puppy to us. She follows us everywhere, comes when called, she talks back to you when she hears her name. She is well worth the money.

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swooze aka Suzette said...

Good for you taking care of Hippy. Each person needs to do what they think is right for them! You getting any of that snow up there? I tried to call my folks and check on them. Stay warm!