Saturday, July 29, 2006

My Puppy

Here is a puppy I made today. I am not completely satisfied with the end results however I posted photos before I take him a step further by trying to FELT him. Which means I may ruin him :o( as the only time I am able to felt anything is when I don't mean to...such as washing a $200 fine alpaca sweater! Eeek!

In The Attic Mitten Looms are here!!

Hi! My name is Pam. I am a loomaholic. What makes it even worse is the fact I am a yarnaholic as well. I am here to confess my uncontrollable obsession to try various looms just to see how my end products turn out, to feel the difference of the variety of looms in the palms of my hands. To explore the capability of each and every yarn.... as to what my end product will be.
I do not want help for my obsessions or yarn addictions.... When I hit the bottom ... the bottom of my yarn barrel... I shall then seek help. :o)
Ok ok.... I'm a tad crazy. I know, I know. The purpose to my post is that today I received my "In The Attic: Mitten & Thumb loom set. I ordered it 3 days ago & it is here already. The rubbery flexible feel to it is wonderful. I did a sample square with it and am thinking it's a loom I favor.
It was also VERY economically priced at $7.99 for the mitten loom, the thumb loom AND a loom tool. Get a set for yourself as winter is rapidly approaching!!

Words About Loom Poll Results ~*~

I'd like to bring up one thing about the loom poll results:
* Loomers obviously are not going to vote for a loom they have not tried. So out of all fairness, I'd like to mention one thing.... (or 2) ... that quite a few of the listed looms have never been heard of before by most loomers. We tend to purchase the most advertised looms & it makes them seem most popular. From a marketing stand-point, the more your product is mentioned on the web, the quality of your web site, the amount of vendors who sell your product, and of course the quality & ease of use of your product..... all make a difference. ** I could have the best hand-made, hand carved, fancy loom that is so wonderful to use and at a low price ... but not get the word out.... my website difficult to surf and not listed with many or any search engines.... VERY few will ever find me & my looms. So if only a few votes are entered for my loom... that does not mean they are not as I described... high quality & easy to use at affordable low prices... it just means that I am a poor marketer & have not invested enough for quality website design & hosting.
See what I mean? So keep this in mind when you see looms with a lower rating. Chances are they have not been used or even discovered by most loomers!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

LOOM POLL ~ Please Vote on your favorite looms!

What is your very favorite loom, rake or board to use?
wooden pegs
nylon pegs
cotter pin pegs
Hard plastic (as in KK)
In the Attic LOOMS =
Markman LOOMS =
Decorator Accents Looms =
Knifty Knitter Looms =
Joy Looms =
Knitting Loom Company
Knitting Board =
Dream Looms =
Loomtastic Looms
Embellish Knitter- spool like loom
Wonder Knitter- spool like loom
Zoom Loom
Afinity Looms
Prayer Shawl Loom
Adjustable looms
Free polls from

Monday, July 17, 2006

Booties & Bonnets!

Last night I was playing with my looms and made a few items. The cream colored booties are for my feet. I may still add some embellishments or something. As you can see, you can wear them high or roll down sides for a lower style. The tiny little hats are ones I made for fetal demise babies that never got a chance, either died in utero or premature birth- way too early. For the babes that are fully developed but are VERY tiny... the parents are allowed to hold their deceased babe in an effort to start their grieving process and pay their respects. The staff puts little hats on the babes, which the parents get to keep as a keepsake. Therefore, I made a few. The one on left is a pink/white varigated color. The one on right is a pale lavender. Fortunately we have very few fetal demises here in our hospital.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

My Finished Test-Project: JIREE CARDIGAN

I did it!! I really did it!
Denise Layman asked Crystal Kini & myself to test a new pattern she wrote. Mind you I have never knit anything larger or more complicated than a scarf. This was a exciting challenge for me being a loomer since only February 2006! With Denise's patience & guidance... I made it through and with great pride I might add! :o) I learned quite a bit from this loom knitting experience: as the old saying goes...IF there is a will...there's a way! Persistence and determination saw me through! Not to mention the guidance from both Denise & Crystal. * This JIREE Cardigan pattern is an excellent project for loomers from almost all levels of looming experience. If I can do it... most anyone can! And I am sure Denise will always be there to answer your questions if you get hung up!
She just posted the pattern on her website:
The pattern was written for 3 different sizes, which each of us loom tested. I as you can see did the adult size. Crystal did the child sized. Denise did an infant size (I think).
You'll be able to see Crystals finished project and adorable model at: Crystal's Blog

Friday, July 14, 2006

Provo Craft ... I Love You!

Hot Diggity Dog!
More looms to play with!! Provo Craft I love you!! :o)
I can't wait to try some patterns on these new Knifty Knitter looms. I'm finishing up my cardigan project which means I can start doing some experimental stitches on each of the looms. Oh...I can't wait!

Flowers on my new KK Flower loom will be nice creative quickies :o)
Fast projects to keep my hands busy when watching TV.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Progress on my Cardigan Project

Last night I got over my "2nd sleeve syndrome" in an effort to get this project done. This is what I have so far - besides the 2nd sleeve which is on my loom. I think after this, I'll stick to small projects as this large one seems to be a challenge to stay focused & determined. In other words.... I have attention deficit disorder.... as well as too many pans in the fire so to speak. Once I set it down to go to work, or do our farm accounting... or writing contracts... or any of the other responsibilities on my list...I find it difficult to pick up my loom. Yet once I have my loom in hand & aggressively knitting away.... I find it extremely difficult to set it down, finding myself knitting in to the early morning hours.
As I type this, I am looking at my first sleeve and am hoping it is long enough. It kind of looks too short but I followed the pattern so we'll see.
I am quite anxious to get this project done as I am missing out on the last 2 class projects over at our LOOM KNITTING CLASSROOM.
Graciela Worth (one of our many wonderful volunteer teachers) has presented two projects for us to learn & I am missing out. Oh, I can do them next time around.
Speaking of our classes, it is so interesting to see all of the students finished class projects. The creativity is phenominal.

Birdy Doing Fine!

Well it has been several days since I rejoined the baby barn swallow with it's 3 siblings in their mud nest. All seem to be doing great & both parents continue to frequent the nest with their meals. See what a little TLC can do?! :o)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Birdy Update

After some persistent research today, I found that not only are the barn swallows a federally protected bird & it is illegal to have them or even move their nests without a permit.... I also read that nestlings (newborns) that have fallen from nest can be rejoined without their parents neglecting them. According to research, turkey buzzards are the only bird that can smell. I can't say that I believe that as I recall Robin's rejecting their eggs if touched by a human. At least that is what my parents always told us. The baby bird was all warmed up, fed several drops of our Hippy Chicks special Avian parenteral food via eye dropper... and eventually started making little chirps so I felt as though he was going to make it if put back in his nest with his 3 siblings.
So we'll monitor the situation.

God's Tiny Creatures...

This morning, quite early I might add... around 5:30am I was making my farm rounds when I found the baby barn swallow that had tumbled from it's nest yesterday. Mark saw it yesterday but opted not to help it as putting it back in the nest would prevent parents from tending the other babes due to human scent. Mark didn't know if a parent might try picking up the baby & carrying it back up to it's nest that was carefully constructed of mud, sticks, grass & feathers above our barn door.

Needless to say, the baby swallow laid gasping with wings stretched out, on the wet ground.... very cold. He looks very weak. His beak keeps opening silently as if gasping for air. Head too heavy to lift. Unable to watch him suffer, I brought him in to warm him up... and give him the best TLC I possibly can in an effort to give this helpless bird a chance at life. Mark of course feels as if it is a parent reject that got pushed from the nest perhaps due to illness or weakness. That it is going to die no matter how well I nurse it. (And I am usually the realist).

Barn swallows are not the most harmonious birds when it comes to song and some think of them as a menace because of their mud nests...but in all actuality... they are very useful for the fact they feed solely on flying insects which keeps the mosquito population down.... which means keeping the West Nile Virus at a minimum.

Click on the above link to hear their sounds.

Now.... I have to figure out how to catch him some flying insects! Do they even eat insects at this newborn age? I am guessing he is 2-4 days old.

Here is an interesting fact. As a nurse I have this odd habit of checking vital signs. This little teeny tiny bird has a heart beat of 138 beats per minute. I am still trying to figure out how to check his blood pressure though. :o)