Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Birdy Update

After some persistent research today, I found that not only are the barn swallows a federally protected bird & it is illegal to have them or even move their nests without a permit.... I also read that nestlings (newborns) that have fallen from nest can be rejoined without their parents neglecting them. According to research, turkey buzzards are the only bird that can smell. I can't say that I believe that as I recall Robin's rejecting their eggs if touched by a human. At least that is what my parents always told us. The baby bird was all warmed up, fed several drops of our Hippy Chicks special Avian parenteral food via eye dropper... and eventually started making little chirps so I felt as though he was going to make it if put back in his nest with his 3 siblings.
So we'll monitor the situation.

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