Monday, July 17, 2006

Booties & Bonnets!

Last night I was playing with my looms and made a few items. The cream colored booties are for my feet. I may still add some embellishments or something. As you can see, you can wear them high or roll down sides for a lower style. The tiny little hats are ones I made for fetal demise babies that never got a chance, either died in utero or premature birth- way too early. For the babes that are fully developed but are VERY tiny... the parents are allowed to hold their deceased babe in an effort to start their grieving process and pay their respects. The staff puts little hats on the babes, which the parents get to keep as a keepsake. Therefore, I made a few. The one on left is a pink/white varigated color. The one on right is a pale lavender. Fortunately we have very few fetal demises here in our hospital.

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