Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Progress on my Cardigan Project

Last night I got over my "2nd sleeve syndrome" in an effort to get this project done. This is what I have so far - besides the 2nd sleeve which is on my loom. I think after this, I'll stick to small projects as this large one seems to be a challenge to stay focused & determined. In other words.... I have attention deficit disorder.... as well as too many pans in the fire so to speak. Once I set it down to go to work, or do our farm accounting... or writing contracts... or any of the other responsibilities on my list...I find it difficult to pick up my loom. Yet once I have my loom in hand & aggressively knitting away.... I find it extremely difficult to set it down, finding myself knitting in to the early morning hours.
As I type this, I am looking at my first sleeve and am hoping it is long enough. It kind of looks too short but I followed the pattern so we'll see.
I am quite anxious to get this project done as I am missing out on the last 2 class projects over at our LOOM KNITTING CLASSROOM.
Graciela Worth (one of our many wonderful volunteer teachers) has presented two projects for us to learn & I am missing out. Oh, I can do them next time around.
Speaking of our classes, it is so interesting to see all of the students finished class projects. The creativity is phenominal.

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Sorka said...

hey that looks familiar!!! woo hoo!! awh man.. I didn't mean for you to miss out on class!! but you are learning none the less!