Saturday, July 29, 2006

Words About Loom Poll Results ~*~

I'd like to bring up one thing about the loom poll results:
* Loomers obviously are not going to vote for a loom they have not tried. So out of all fairness, I'd like to mention one thing.... (or 2) ... that quite a few of the listed looms have never been heard of before by most loomers. We tend to purchase the most advertised looms & it makes them seem most popular. From a marketing stand-point, the more your product is mentioned on the web, the quality of your web site, the amount of vendors who sell your product, and of course the quality & ease of use of your product..... all make a difference. ** I could have the best hand-made, hand carved, fancy loom that is so wonderful to use and at a low price ... but not get the word out.... my website difficult to surf and not listed with many or any search engines.... VERY few will ever find me & my looms. So if only a few votes are entered for my loom... that does not mean they are not as I described... high quality & easy to use at affordable low prices... it just means that I am a poor marketer & have not invested enough for quality website design & hosting.
See what I mean? So keep this in mind when you see looms with a lower rating. Chances are they have not been used or even discovered by most loomers!

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