Friday, August 18, 2006

Loomed Mitten Pattern for beginners

A very detailed mitten pattern designed specifically for the beginner. Many photos with very simplified instructions. A pattern that uses either a mitten loom set that comes with the thumb loom, or you can use the blue round Knifty Knitter Loom with a spool knitter for the (thumb) and bulky yarn. I made mine with the In The Attic mitten loom set. Fun project that goes pretty fast. A must have pattern that is sure to be understood, unlike a lot of the other mitten patterns out there for the looms. Frustrated for the 2 mitten patterns I paid for on-line... unclear, written for very experienced loomers I guess.... I decided to write my own pattern with the newbie loomer in mind.
Now Selling at $3.25

Monday, August 14, 2006

Saturday's Expense

Picture #1.... This is Mark among all his choices... Which one will it be?!
Picture #2.... And the winner is... Kubota L3130. Of course he can't have a plain ol tractor... He oredered the custom heated cab to be put on... and a bunch of implements to use with it such as the Snowblower, bucket loader, back hoe, forks & finish mower!!
Picture #3.... That's where it all happened in a matter of minutes! Mark layed down $34,000 . The lump in my throat sunk to the pit of my stomach...nausea followed. Here I feel guilty for buying yarns & looms. Hmmm.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Yarn fetish?

I think I have a yarn fetish or am a compulsive buyer... what ever I am... I just LOVE the different yarn textures... their variety of qualities...levels of softness to down right tickely! Bright yarns... earthy tones, festive colors... natural plant yarns, animal fleece yarns... synthetic yarns... home spun yarns... textile milled yarns... stretchy strands ...and delicate ribbon yarns...
Oh I love the phenominal choices! How can I pick just one?!
Hey... when my creativity flares up... which is not often enough... It is crucial to my creation that I have the proper yarn for the job right at hand! Who knows how long the urge will linger... before I lose my creative moments to the mad rat race out there in the world!! I am living for the moment!! Yeah baby!

Makin' Mittens Pam's Way :o)

Well... It took two pairs of mittens before I could fine tune the patterns to my liking. I have written out how I made my mittens (in very simplified instructions for the very new loomers).
I took many photos along the way to help all you visual learners.
If you'd like to buy the pattern: It's now only $3.25 and you get it instantly to print out!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Surino Mitten #1

Improving on my mitten makin'... I used same pattern I used for first mittens however this time I am using Suri Alpaca blended with Fine Merino ...I call it "Surino" :o)
It seems to knit up smaller & tighter than the brushed alpaca I used for first set. I was going to felt this next pair however I don't know that I dare as they fit perfectly... well at least this first mitten done in Surino. I did a little better attaching the thumb this time as I altered my pattern a bit. Actually, I did a different stitch for the cuff this time which made it look like it is folded over however it isn't. At this rate...I may be able to make mittens for everyone!!

My Mittens

Woohoo! I finished my mittens using my "In The Attic" Mitten loom set. They are fairly fast to knit however I am not tickled about the thumbs being attached the way they are. It's difficult aligning them up so loose strands or holes don't show through. I love the feel of my mittens though!! I made them of 100% Brushed alpaca and man ohh howdy are they ever soft! If you notice, I made them extra high on the wrist area as it drives me nuts when snow gets up under short mittens or gloves. These are perfect!! I love them.