Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Surino Mitten #1

Improving on my mitten makin'... I used same pattern I used for first mittens however this time I am using Suri Alpaca blended with Fine Merino ...I call it "Surino" :o)
It seems to knit up smaller & tighter than the brushed alpaca I used for first set. I was going to felt this next pair however I don't know that I dare as they fit perfectly... well at least this first mitten done in Surino. I did a little better attaching the thumb this time as I altered my pattern a bit. Actually, I did a different stitch for the cuff this time which made it look like it is folded over however it isn't. At this rate...I may be able to make mittens for everyone!!


Looming Looney said...

I love the mittens. how long did it take to make them?

Anonymous said...

I saw your mittens and purchased a loom from In The Attic also. I would love to have better directions for this. What stitch did you use? I used the e stitch and found they aren't as good looking as yours. Also I didn't like the thumb loom, so I just used four pegs and did an extra 20 rows, then continued with my full circle to finish the fingers part of the mitten. After I was done on the loom I sewed the sides of the thumbs shut. I was easier, but yours looks nicer.
~Janene, Upstate NY