Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Knitting Looms & Vendors:

People don't believe it but anyone with 2 hands can knit without needles. That's right!! Using a knitting loom, also known as round looms, knitting boards and knitting rakes, oh... and the knitting spools!

All are just a little different in nature. A round loom, a rake and a board all can be used to knit a flat piece with a right side & a wrong side of garment. A round loom and some rectangular looms can be used to knit in the round for items such as ski hats and socks. A board is used to make double knit garments which have 2 "right" sides.

Most knitter's find that loom knitting is so much better on their carpal tunnel or arthritic hands than needle knitting. Loom Knitting began a thousand yrs ago but has suddenly came back in full demand which prompted me to compile this extensive list of KNITTING LOOM VENDORS for you to utilize.

· Please note that most of the new looms are home-made and hand made by creative entrepreneurs and are quite good at it while others have not totally fine tuned their process. * Knifty Knitter looms are the only mass manufactured looms that I am aware of however that does not mean they don’t exist.

· This list is compiled as a resource, not as promoting their business nor vouching for their quality, prices, or customer service as I have just not used them all. I can perhaps help you save a little time and money.

** Do not purchase a bunch of looms from one vendor as you may not like how they feel in your hand. Some are wooden, some plastic, some rubber. There are differing pegs also: nylon (my favorite), plastic, wooden, cotter pin, and everyday nails! Yep…nails!

What I and most people find most helpful over the type of pegs is whether or not they are grooved pegs. I will not ever purchase a loom that doesn’t have grooves for your looming tool. (Cotter pins are naturally grooved). Once I did and regretted it. Being most are hand made to order, refunds are not accepted. So make sure you ask ahead of time: Do your pegs have grooves?!

Purchase looms from various vendors to find your favorite. I must have 20+ looms, all from various vendors and like most of them but a few are useless.

Anyways…on to the vendor list! It is posted in the right side bar down towards the bottom. It's quite extensive. I hope you find this information useful.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Baby Bonnet with PomPom Tassels

This pattern was created carefully with details simplified using photos and abbreviation chart. It is an easy & fun pattern to do. The hat is sized for an average sized newborn baby. It's made using a
Red round Knifty Knitter loom and Bernat Baby Coordinates sport wgt yarn. It has quite a unique brim on it, Unlike any others I have seen.
It's baby soft and winter weight to keep that little head warm.
This Newborn Bonnet is a fairly fast project so you can make several of them in various colors to match each of the Babe's outfits!

* The booties are not included in this pattern but you can find them in several others blogs: Tiny Booties by Graciela Worth

Pattern: Only $3.00

You will be able to download the pattern once payment is complete.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Autumn Harvest Ribbed Pumpkin Pattern for Loom Knit

A delightful Autumn Harvest Pumpkin pattern designed specifically with the newer loomer in mind. Benefit from photos, a pattern graph chart & very simplified instructions. A pattern that uses a Green Knifty Knitter (36 pegs 13/16” gauge)round Loom and bulky yarn. A fun project that goes pretty fast.
These pumkins look wonderful among your Autumn Harvest centerpiece, on a mantle, in the office, as a festive toy for young ones, on your porch at Halloween time.... or next to your turkey at Thanksgiving time.
Give as gifts to senior citizens, hospital patients, friends & relatives. Knit your own pumpkin patch this year!

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