Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Knitting Looms & Vendors:

People don't believe it but anyone with 2 hands can knit without needles. That's right!! Using a knitting loom, also known as round looms, knitting boards and knitting rakes, oh... and the knitting spools!

All are just a little different in nature. A round loom, a rake and a board all can be used to knit a flat piece with a right side & a wrong side of garment. A round loom and some rectangular looms can be used to knit in the round for items such as ski hats and socks. A board is used to make double knit garments which have 2 "right" sides.

Most knitter's find that loom knitting is so much better on their carpal tunnel or arthritic hands than needle knitting. Loom Knitting began a thousand yrs ago but has suddenly came back in full demand which prompted me to compile this extensive list of KNITTING LOOM VENDORS for you to utilize.

· Please note that most of the new looms are home-made and hand made by creative entrepreneurs and are quite good at it while others have not totally fine tuned their process. * Knifty Knitter looms are the only mass manufactured looms that I am aware of however that does not mean they don’t exist.

· This list is compiled as a resource, not as promoting their business nor vouching for their quality, prices, or customer service as I have just not used them all. I can perhaps help you save a little time and money.

** Do not purchase a bunch of looms from one vendor as you may not like how they feel in your hand. Some are wooden, some plastic, some rubber. There are differing pegs also: nylon (my favorite), plastic, wooden, cotter pin, and everyday nails! Yep…nails!

What I and most people find most helpful over the type of pegs is whether or not they are grooved pegs. I will not ever purchase a loom that doesn’t have grooves for your looming tool. (Cotter pins are naturally grooved). Once I did and regretted it. Being most are hand made to order, refunds are not accepted. So make sure you ask ahead of time: Do your pegs have grooves?!

Purchase looms from various vendors to find your favorite. I must have 20+ looms, all from various vendors and like most of them but a few are useless.

Anyways…on to the vendor list! It is posted in the right side bar down towards the bottom. It's quite extensive. I hope you find this information useful.