Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Here I am!!

I've been quite delinquent in posting here as my life has become a bit more chaotic (in a good way)!!
Summer of 2007 has brought forth some very good changes in my life. Some sad changes as well.
A brief summary of some of the changes:
April 2007: Went to Orlando Florida for an excellent 4 days of nursing seminars with a co-worker Barb Miller. Had my wallet stolen with approx $120 cash in it & several bank cards. Not my drivers license nor plane tickets though!! Good thing!!
By the way, I was pick pocketed at an Orlando, Disney Resort. I Didn't find it any too magical.

June 1st. 2007 I had emergent surgery. Had my intestines & lower stomach resected due to strangulating scar tissue (adhesions) that caused me to have somewhat of a gastric bypass type surgery. They fixed it however now I am very restricted as to what I can eat & how much, therefore I have down-sized approximately 44 lbs. Sad thing is... I am still fat ;-o

July 5th, 2007 I traveled to Bolivia with Project Helping Hands to provide free medical care to the poverish, under developed areas on the outskirts of Cochabamba. My two week stay there was too short in my opinion. There is so much those people need.

Late July I started a new job working in a doctors office. Dr.Halliday, Ears, nose, throat (Otolaryngologist) & Facial Plastic surgery. I had to juggle my hospital nursing job 7pm - 7am and this new job for a few weeks as I gave my 3 week notice. That was rough!

August 12th, 2007 was my final day working at the hospital which was somewhat of a sad sacrifice as I do like the work & many of the people there. Just not too pleased with the administration & lack of planning on our managerial staff. I was often mandated working from 7pm until noon the next day. No sleep. Usually no breaks or lunch. That really stunk! It was also so very unsafe.

Here it is now September 2007 and Autumn is in the air. Kids return to school this week. The nights are very cool, days are no longer humid and reach mid 70's. Burrr!

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