Saturday, October 18, 2008

Christmas Stocking Pattern

My Christmas Stocking

This stocking is made with a Red round knifty knitter loom.
It measures approximately 6.5" wide x 21" long (toe to top). Making this fun & festive stocking goes fairly fast. It's nice and sturdy to hold all those traditional goodies. They make great gifts when filled with fanciful surprises. $3.50

Free Pumpkin Pattern!

Autumn Harvest Ribbed Pumpkin Pattern for Loom Knitting
A delightful Autumn Harvest Pumpkin pattern designed specifically with the newer loomer in mind. Benefit from very simplified instructions. A pattern that uses a Green Knifty Knitter (36 pegs 13/16” gauge)round Loom and bulky yarn. A fun project that goes pretty fast.

These pumkins look wonderful among your Autumn Harvest centerpiece, on a mantle, in the office, as a festive toy for young ones, on your porch at Halloween time.... or next to your turkey at Thanksgiving time.
Give as gifts to senior citizens, hospital patients, friends & relatives. Knit your own pumpkin patch this year!

Green Round Knifty Knitter Loom
Blue Round KK Loom
Loom Tool (Pick)
Styrofoam ball (approx 8” diameter)
Pumpkin orange bulky yarn (1.5 skeins)
Stem & Leaf yarn – this pattern made with 2 colors:
Red Heart Plush (Medium 4 Bulky) Dk Sage & Red Heart Plush Lt Sage
Very little needed of each.
Yarn Needle & Scissors
Wonder Knitter for I-Cord Stem
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Loom Knit Ribbed Autumn Harvest Pumpkin

• Copyright by Pam Keville. This pattern & every part of it is copyright owned. No part of this pattern is to be copied, transferred, emailed, posted, or used in any other format. It is for personal use only & not to be shared without written permission of author.You may direct others to this page.

This pattern has many options for the creative loomer. It can be made with a Styrofoam ball inside as this pattern is done, or you could stuff it with polyfil used for pillow projects. You can take a pair of pantyhose, tie off the legs filling the upper portion with pumpkin spice potpourri to add a festive aroma to the air.


Using the Green KK Loom (36 pegs 13/16” gauge)
Row 1) With pumpkin orange bulky yarn (2 strands as one), “e-wrap” all 36 pegs. (do not knit off)
Row 2) e-wrap another time around all 36 pegs. (do not knit off)
Row 3) e-wrap peg 1 – wrap working yarn (wy) to outside peg 2 & purl it pulling wy up under peg 2 loops, removing from peg, applying new loop to peg 2. e-wrap peg 3 - working yarn (wy) to outside peg 4 & purl it. Continue this process completely around the loom. **
It will appear as odd # pegs will have 3 loops, even pegs will have 2 until purled, then one.

Row 4) Knit off odd pegs 1-3-5-7-9, etc all around loom, knitting off 2 loops over 1 loop.

** Repeat series- Rows 1-4 as above until you reach 32 rows. Leave a 10” long tail when finishing row 32.
Binding off is simply done by threading a yarn needle with both strands of tail yarn. Weaving needle through each loop, remove the loops as you go.
Smush the loops together on the tail yarn as you go. When all loops are off the loom, tighten to close the circle. Tie a knot or two then weave the
needle through the threaded loops to hide the remaining tail yarn. Trim any excess.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Finally Finished my "Simple Sweater" !!!

Loom Knitter's Classroom project: "Simple Sweater" using a KISS adjustable gauge Loom.
This was not a simple sweater at all for me as I had never used this type of loom before so that in itself was a challenge. Graciela Worth designed this pattern which was a good challenging one for the class. Thankkfully she is a very patient teacher, as we needed her help quite alot.
I had the most difficulty increasing stitches as it kept leaving a hole. Oh... I also hated seaming the pieces together. I don't think I'll be a sweater maker. Nah! Not me!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My New Adjustable Gauge Loom!!

This intimidating new loom is the loom of all looms!! It is the first and only knitting loom so far that allows you to not only adjust the size of your loom... but to adjust the gauge!!
Yep!! You're right!! That means that you only need the one loom to handle all your loom knitting projects... big or small!!
Oh... this loom also doubles as a knitting board also which means that you can do those double knit projects too!!
It truly is a revolutionary adjustable gauge loom.
Where'd I get it you ask???
I got it from Cliff, the inventor so if you have any questions for Cliff... email him at:
You're curious as to how to use it...aren't you?! Well let's see... Cliff recruited Graciela Worth of Gracie Land Crafts to test his prototype model back in May 2007.
Graciela created a DVD to help visual learners how to use the KISS Loom and that can be found here: KISS LOOMS: The Basics
By August 2007 they had a new KISS Loom group where "Kiss users" could go to learn more about their looms and how to use them.
Tomorrow (Sunday July 27th, 2008) Graciela is teaching a 3 week KISS Loom class using a pattern called: Simple Sweater that she designed. It will be the first time I even laid yarn upon my new KISS Loom so this ought to be quite interesting ;-o
Oh yes... you're wondering why it is called a KISS loom. K.I.S.S. stands for Keep It Simple Stupid (as thee ol' saying goes). (Not to insinuate loomers are stupid but from what I understand... this whole adjustable gauge hit Cliff like a brick as if a lightbulb in his head turned on and he saw it all too clearly... an adjustable gauge loom!! He said it was just too simple of an idea and couldn't believe nobody had thought of that before.
So... whah-la... he invented one!! Thanks Cliff!!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Mini-Family reunion breakfast!

Well, as we all know, I love the internet as it tends to unite people from afar. Relationships are formed with people you'd never ever meet in person. It allows us to learn from others and all about our new friends cultures and lives. Well one of my cousins whom I have not seen since early childhood found my name via the internet accidentally and her curiosity led her to send an
email to see if it was in fact me. Ever since, the internet has kept us in touch across the states.

Well this morning what was originally going to be a breakfast between the two of us so we could re-meet one another while she was in NY visiting my aunt (her mom)... one of her sisters is also here from Florida visiting... so she came to! My brother & his girlfriend came as well as Dad & his wife!
We had quite the family gathering at breakfast. It was so nice reuniting with blood relatives. It seems that the older we get the more important "family" becomes.

Here is a picture of Sandra, Me & Sylvia.

It was the best breakfast I have had in years!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Afghan Project: Blocks 1,2,3

Loom Knitter's Classroom project being presented by Jenny Stark & Robin McCoy.
Afghan Block #1 --> Diagonal Pattern
Block #2 --> Woven pattern (which is suppose to have hand stitched flowers or a design sewn in to every few squares but I opted not to)
Block #3 --> Lactice pattern (this is the dark brown square however the pattern does not display properly on the dark color.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Afghan Project

In our Loom Knitter's Classroom, we are being taught how to do various patterns and stitches via afghan squares. Robin McCoy & Jenny Stark are having us learn a different design each month so come December, we'll have at least 12 squares that are 12" x 12" to seam together to make a wonderful afghan for someones Christmas gift. We are all loving the class as the squares are small projects that we can not only finish but make several of to either create a larger afghan or make several of them. We are on block #3 and once I finish it I will post all of mine here.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae Hat

Yummy Yummy!! Here is the finished projects I made this weekend as a gift for a 4 month old baby who's mom works with me. I hope he likes them!!
The hat pattern was taught by Robin McCoy in the Loom Knitter's Classroom (Strawberry Sundae Delight Hat). Being that I was making it for a beautiful little boy, I decided to make it chocolate ice cream and added a touch of whip cream topping under the cherry on top!!
Then as my last post showed... I made a coordinating baby rattle out of Jenny Starks Cream Cone pattern which was also taught in our Loom Knitter's Classroom.

Ice Cream Anyone?!

I altered Jenny Stark's Cream Cone Pattern to make a baby rattle out of the ice cream cone to match the Ice Cream Sundae hat I made using Robin McCoy's Strawberry Sundae Delight Hat pattern.

What I did was loom knit the whip cream ruffles, then the actual ice cream. From there I took an Easter Egg (plastic), and enclosed a few jingle bells. The egg got pushed into the ice cream piece then kind of held in place by intertwining the long tails from the whip cream.

I proceeded on to make the cone to attach to the ice cream after stuffing it with alpaca fleece rovings as I had no fiber fill. Waaah-lah!! An ice cream rattle.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kitchen Towel Topper

Well, it isn't much but I did finally find time to pick up my knitting loom long enough to make this Kitchen Towel Topper class project. It went very fast. Hopefully I will find time to make a few more. I need to go buy some buttons though. I stole this white button from a garment hanging in the closet.