Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae Hat

Yummy Yummy!! Here is the finished projects I made this weekend as a gift for a 4 month old baby who's mom works with me. I hope he likes them!!
The hat pattern was taught by Robin McCoy in the Loom Knitter's Classroom (Strawberry Sundae Delight Hat). Being that I was making it for a beautiful little boy, I decided to make it chocolate ice cream and added a touch of whip cream topping under the cherry on top!!
Then as my last post showed... I made a coordinating baby rattle out of Jenny Starks Cream Cone pattern which was also taught in our Loom Knitter's Classroom.

Ice Cream Anyone?!

I altered Jenny Stark's Cream Cone Pattern to make a baby rattle out of the ice cream cone to match the Ice Cream Sundae hat I made using Robin McCoy's Strawberry Sundae Delight Hat pattern.

What I did was loom knit the whip cream ruffles, then the actual ice cream. From there I took an Easter Egg (plastic), and enclosed a few jingle bells. The egg got pushed into the ice cream piece then kind of held in place by intertwining the long tails from the whip cream.

I proceeded on to make the cone to attach to the ice cream after stuffing it with alpaca fleece rovings as I had no fiber fill. Waaah-lah!! An ice cream rattle.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kitchen Towel Topper

Well, it isn't much but I did finally find time to pick up my knitting loom long enough to make this Kitchen Towel Topper class project. It went very fast. Hopefully I will find time to make a few more. I need to go buy some buttons though. I stole this white button from a garment hanging in the closet.