Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae Hat

Yummy Yummy!! Here is the finished projects I made this weekend as a gift for a 4 month old baby who's mom works with me. I hope he likes them!!
The hat pattern was taught by Robin McCoy in the Loom Knitter's Classroom (Strawberry Sundae Delight Hat). Being that I was making it for a beautiful little boy, I decided to make it chocolate ice cream and added a touch of whip cream topping under the cherry on top!!
Then as my last post showed... I made a coordinating baby rattle out of Jenny Starks Cream Cone pattern which was also taught in our Loom Knitter's Classroom.


Little Old Liz said...

Yea Pam -
A chocolate sundae -- now you're talkin' my language! And it's the perfect compliment to the ice cream cone rattle. How lucky is the recipient!

Robin McCoy and Jenny Stark said...

That is so cute! The mother to be is going to love your creativity!

Pam's World said...

Thanks Ladies for the compliments but the credit goes to the designers :o)
They're cute patterns. Being a chocolate lover myself... I couldn't resist a chocolate sundae ...yum yum!!
Black Rasberry is yummy toooo!

Jen said...

That hat is too cute!