Sunday, June 01, 2008

Mini-Family reunion breakfast!

Well, as we all know, I love the internet as it tends to unite people from afar. Relationships are formed with people you'd never ever meet in person. It allows us to learn from others and all about our new friends cultures and lives. Well one of my cousins whom I have not seen since early childhood found my name via the internet accidentally and her curiosity led her to send an
email to see if it was in fact me. Ever since, the internet has kept us in touch across the states.

Well this morning what was originally going to be a breakfast between the two of us so we could re-meet one another while she was in NY visiting my aunt (her mom)... one of her sisters is also here from Florida visiting... so she came to! My brother & his girlfriend came as well as Dad & his wife!
We had quite the family gathering at breakfast. It was so nice reuniting with blood relatives. It seems that the older we get the more important "family" becomes.

Here is a picture of Sandra, Me & Sylvia.

It was the best breakfast I have had in years!!

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