Saturday, September 06, 2008

Finally Finished my "Simple Sweater" !!!

Loom Knitter's Classroom project: "Simple Sweater" using a KISS adjustable gauge Loom.
This was not a simple sweater at all for me as I had never used this type of loom before so that in itself was a challenge. Graciela Worth designed this pattern which was a good challenging one for the class. Thankkfully she is a very patient teacher, as we needed her help quite alot.
I had the most difficulty increasing stitches as it kept leaving a hole. Oh... I also hated seaming the pieces together. I don't think I'll be a sweater maker. Nah! Not me!


Looming Looney said...

Pam, i love your sweater. i wonder if i could make this sweater using another loom? i don't have the kiss loom.

guppygirl said...

Great job Pam :) It looks really pretty! I like the color. Have a great day!