Saturday, October 18, 2008

Free Pumpkin Pattern!

Autumn Harvest Ribbed Pumpkin Pattern for Loom Knitting
A delightful Autumn Harvest Pumpkin pattern designed specifically with the newer loomer in mind. Benefit from very simplified instructions. A pattern that uses a Green Knifty Knitter (36 pegs 13/16” gauge)round Loom and bulky yarn. A fun project that goes pretty fast.

These pumkins look wonderful among your Autumn Harvest centerpiece, on a mantle, in the office, as a festive toy for young ones, on your porch at Halloween time.... or next to your turkey at Thanksgiving time.
Give as gifts to senior citizens, hospital patients, friends & relatives. Knit your own pumpkin patch this year!

Green Round Knifty Knitter Loom
Blue Round KK Loom
Loom Tool (Pick)
Styrofoam ball (approx 8” diameter)
Pumpkin orange bulky yarn (1.5 skeins)
Stem & Leaf yarn – this pattern made with 2 colors:
Red Heart Plush (Medium 4 Bulky) Dk Sage & Red Heart Plush Lt Sage
Very little needed of each.
Yarn Needle & Scissors
Wonder Knitter for I-Cord Stem
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Loom Knit Ribbed Autumn Harvest Pumpkin

• Copyright by Pam Keville. This pattern & every part of it is copyright owned. No part of this pattern is to be copied, transferred, emailed, posted, or used in any other format. It is for personal use only & not to be shared without written permission of author.You may direct others to this page.

This pattern has many options for the creative loomer. It can be made with a Styrofoam ball inside as this pattern is done, or you could stuff it with polyfil used for pillow projects. You can take a pair of pantyhose, tie off the legs filling the upper portion with pumpkin spice potpourri to add a festive aroma to the air.


Using the Green KK Loom (36 pegs 13/16” gauge)
Row 1) With pumpkin orange bulky yarn (2 strands as one), “e-wrap” all 36 pegs. (do not knit off)
Row 2) e-wrap another time around all 36 pegs. (do not knit off)
Row 3) e-wrap peg 1 – wrap working yarn (wy) to outside peg 2 & purl it pulling wy up under peg 2 loops, removing from peg, applying new loop to peg 2. e-wrap peg 3 - working yarn (wy) to outside peg 4 & purl it. Continue this process completely around the loom. **
It will appear as odd # pegs will have 3 loops, even pegs will have 2 until purled, then one.

Row 4) Knit off odd pegs 1-3-5-7-9, etc all around loom, knitting off 2 loops over 1 loop.

** Repeat series- Rows 1-4 as above until you reach 32 rows. Leave a 10” long tail when finishing row 32.
Binding off is simply done by threading a yarn needle with both strands of tail yarn. Weaving needle through each loop, remove the loops as you go.
Smush the loops together on the tail yarn as you go. When all loops are off the loom, tighten to close the circle. Tie a knot or two then weave the
needle through the threaded loops to hide the remaining tail yarn. Trim any excess.


guppygirl said...

Cute pumpkin, Pam :) I really like it. Have a great day!

Deb said...

This is fabulous!! Autumn is just around the corner and I think I will give these a try. Hopefully if I hit a snag I can give a shout and you'll be there to lend a hand?

Thanks for sharing your pattern and talents Pam, how wonderfully generous of you :o)