Saturday, May 29, 2010

My trip to Chittenango....

Well I went to Chittenango as planned. I dropped off a HUGE bag of items to the Salvation Army Store. I am proud to say that I won over temptation!! My "junk" collecting side was being sucked in to going in the store to see what goodies I could find... but I did not give in to temptation there. 

I also went to Sorbello's Produce & Lawn Nursery as planned. OMG!!!!!  Their new facility and services are phenomenal!!!  I must have browsed for over an hour.... admiring all the cool .... unique flowers and such!! They have such a huge selection and I am amazed at how many really pretty and unusual flowers they have. There are so many that I'd never even heard of before!!  Ahhhh and not to mention... the facility itself is so nice. Very well landscaped (inside and out). I'd love to work in that type of atmosphere. 

Anyways... then I stopped at my Dad's house down the road from the produce stand. Dad, my sister Debbie & nephew Brad were all sitting outside enjoying the beautiful breeze. 
We sat and chatted over the loud traffic zooming by. I don't think I could ever get use to living that close to the main highway. It is so loud and dangerous.  I'll stick with country living!!

Oh wow! It's May 29th, 2010 !!!

I certainly realize I am getting old as the days... just fly by. Here we are heading in to June already.  It's the 1st of my 3 day Memorial Day Weekend and all I have planned is heading to Chittenango to drop off donations to the Salvation Army, Go to the grocery store to pick up some cook-out foods & to stop by my friend John Sorbello's Produce, Lawn & Garden Center to pick up some plants. Maybe a few veggie plants & a few perennials.
I have been working in my flower beds these past few days and realize they need some rejuvenation.
Weeks ago I purchased some fruit tree's/bushes from Stark Bro's & from Michigan Bulb Co.  So they will have to be planted this weekend as well.
Let's see... I bought 2 blue berry bushes.... yum yum!!  A Cherry Tree which actually grows edible cherries... 2 mulberry tree's..... oh... and about 10 different colored hydrangea bushes...and a butterfly bush.
I can't wait for the fruits to start growing... (in 2-4 yrs)  :o(    It's a LONG wait but...... they'll be so good when they do come.

Well.... it's off to Chittenango!! Bye!