Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oh wow! It's May 29th, 2010 !!!

I certainly realize I am getting old as the days... just fly by. Here we are heading in to June already.  It's the 1st of my 3 day Memorial Day Weekend and all I have planned is heading to Chittenango to drop off donations to the Salvation Army, Go to the grocery store to pick up some cook-out foods & to stop by my friend John Sorbello's Produce, Lawn & Garden Center to pick up some plants. Maybe a few veggie plants & a few perennials.
I have been working in my flower beds these past few days and realize they need some rejuvenation.
Weeks ago I purchased some fruit tree's/bushes from Stark Bro's & from Michigan Bulb Co.  So they will have to be planted this weekend as well.
Let's see... I bought 2 blue berry bushes.... yum yum!!  A Cherry Tree which actually grows edible cherries... 2 mulberry tree's..... oh... and about 10 different colored hydrangea bushes...and a butterfly bush.
I can't wait for the fruits to start growing... (in 2-4 yrs)  :o(    It's a LONG wait but...... they'll be so good when they do come.

Well.... it's off to Chittenango!! Bye!

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