Thursday, April 19, 2012

Disaster Training in Spare Time

Well I have not just been home collecting dust from sitting around. Besides working towards my associate degree in nursing, I have been training through FEMA/ Homeland Security, The CNY Medical Reserve Corp & with the Red Cross when ever courses are available. Time has allowed me to volunteer to help with Rabies Clinics and such. A lot of juggling between orgs and educational resources. It feels good to prepare for disasters and community health. It makes me feel ..... relieved or something. It's kind of like leaving home in the morning KNOWING the toaster & iron are unplugged and your curling iron is off. On those mornings when you get to your destination wondering all the way, if you turned off your curling iron and pray it isn't touching anything flamable. That is a horrible uneasy feeling. My training makes me feel like I know everything is unplugged and my home is safe when I am gone. Make any sense?

It's back to the books!

Oh how embarrassing! It has been such a long time since I blogged. I spend so much time on Facebook that I forget about my blog. I've went out of work 6/30/2011 after having right hand & wrist surgery. Had a bone graft done because osteoarthrtitis is eating up my joints already and I am only 51! While out on disability for 19 days, my employer discontinued my position, and the positions of a nurse practitioner & several receptionists jobs as well. Started collecting unemployment July 30th, 2011. Rather than get down over unemployment, I took it as a sign to take advantage of being out of work so I'd have time to take some more classes towards my Associate Degree in Nursing.... which I am currently doing. It's financially tough as most things are. My student loan is $210 monthly which comes out of my unemployment check.

The good thing is, I have so far earned 15 credits towards the 67 needed to sit for the exam. Only 52 more credits to go. uuuhhh. Sounds like a lifetime away. I still need to do my clinicals in Syracuse at St Joe's Hospital but they won't start till January I think. Hopefully when that time comes, I'll have the money to do them. My classes are online but clinicals have to be done in person, same as all my class exams. They charge ya for everything. The expenses keep pushing me to quit till I have the money coming in regularly but when that time comes, I won't have the time. So I am making lemonade with the lemons life has provided me with  :o)