Thursday, April 19, 2012

Disaster Training in Spare Time

Well I have not just been home collecting dust from sitting around. Besides working towards my associate degree in nursing, I have been training through FEMA/ Homeland Security, The CNY Medical Reserve Corp & with the Red Cross when ever courses are available. Time has allowed me to volunteer to help with Rabies Clinics and such. A lot of juggling between orgs and educational resources. It feels good to prepare for disasters and community health. It makes me feel ..... relieved or something. It's kind of like leaving home in the morning KNOWING the toaster & iron are unplugged and your curling iron is off. On those mornings when you get to your destination wondering all the way, if you turned off your curling iron and pray it isn't touching anything flamable. That is a horrible uneasy feeling. My training makes me feel like I know everything is unplugged and my home is safe when I am gone. Make any sense?

It's back to the books!

Oh how embarrassing! It has been such a long time since I blogged. I spend so much time on Facebook that I forget about my blog. I've went out of work 6/30/2011 after having right hand & wrist surgery. Had a bone graft done because osteoarthrtitis is eating up my joints already and I am only 51! While out on disability for 19 days, my employer discontinued my position, and the positions of a nurse practitioner & several receptionists jobs as well. Started collecting unemployment July 30th, 2011. Rather than get down over unemployment, I took it as a sign to take advantage of being out of work so I'd have time to take some more classes towards my Associate Degree in Nursing.... which I am currently doing. It's financially tough as most things are. My student loan is $210 monthly which comes out of my unemployment check.

The good thing is, I have so far earned 15 credits towards the 67 needed to sit for the exam. Only 52 more credits to go. uuuhhh. Sounds like a lifetime away. I still need to do my clinicals in Syracuse at St Joe's Hospital but they won't start till January I think. Hopefully when that time comes, I'll have the money to do them. My classes are online but clinicals have to be done in person, same as all my class exams. They charge ya for everything. The expenses keep pushing me to quit till I have the money coming in regularly but when that time comes, I won't have the time. So I am making lemonade with the lemons life has provided me with  :o)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas is coming!!

Instant Download Christmas Stocking Pattern:$3.50 Click here!

This is a downloadable pattern that you can start using immediately!

Christmas Stocking Pattern for Loom Knitting

This stocking is made with a Red round knifty knitter loom. It measures approximately 6.5" wide x 21" long (toe to top). Making this fun & festive stocking goes fairly fast. It s nice and sturdy to hold all those traditional goodies. They make great gifts when filled with fanciful surprises.

Or perhaps you'd like to make some old fashioned mittens gramma use to give every year at Christmas.......

Arts and Crafts Other Files  Loomed Mitten Pattern for beginners$3.25 for this beginner pattern - Instant Download

A very detailed mitten pattern designed specifically for the beginner. Many photos with very simplified instructions. A pattern that uses either a mitten loom set that comes with the thumb loom, or you can use the blue round Knifty Knitter Loom with a spool knitter for the (thumb) and bulky yarn. I made mine with the In The Attic mitten loom set. Fun project that goes pretty fast. A must have pattern that is sure to be understood, unlike a lot of the other mitten patterns out there for the looms.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

My last day of vacation...

Well...tomorrow is the last day of my mini-vacation. Being that the 4th of July fell on a Sunday... we got Monday off as a paid holiday so I took Tuesday & Wednesday (tomorrow) off to enjoy a really long weekend. 
I had plans of doing some heavy duty cleaning of the bedrooms & one of the bathrooms however... I spent every day outside gardening and lawn mowing.... not inside cleaning ;-o

Sooooo perhaps tomorrow I shall dive in to the cleaning mode... and get at least one bedroom cleaned. Ohhh ... I am talking deep cleaning...wall washing.... dusting... hoeing out unused clothing, etc. We'll see what tomorrow brings. It is suppose to be yet another bright sunny day.... and in the mid 90's. 

Today for lunch we had a family gathering at the Knotty Pine Diner in Wampsville, NY as my cousin Sandy is here in NY from Maryland... and my other cousin Sylvia is here from West Palm Beach, Florida.... so they brought their mom (Aunt Phyllis) and met all of us Keville's for lunch. Dad & his wife Diane, my brother Steve, his wife Shelley & her daughter Autumn, my sister Debbie & I all went. It was so nice to see everyone again. 
The older I get... the more I feel the need to bond to my roots. Weird. 

The bandit that prowls in the night....

Aaah Ha! We finally caught the night bandit that was stealing the cats food & water!! This young opossum kept me entertained for 30 minutes the other night as I laid on the floor with the patio door open... taking his picture. The flash never even bothered him. I talked to him as he gobbled and crunched every morsel of cat food. He occasionally turned to me as if to say.... "hey lady... clam up...I'm trying to enjoy my dinner!" 
Of course the cat was quite curious as well. He watched his food get eaten by this odd looking creature of which he'd not had the pleasure of meeting before tonight. 
Actually.... opossums are quite amazing animals. They are the only marsupial native to Northern America. They have 50-52 razor sharp teeth. They are only pregnant for 13-15 days then they carry their babies (12-13 of them) in the momma's pouch for a good 2-3 months. Then after that... the babies cling to mom's fur as she carries on about her business. The 'possums are fun to watch as they are very meticulous at grooming themselves. They normally wash their hands & face in the water bowl before eating... then again after they eat. 
Their back feet have "human" looking hands...with a thumb on each hand (foot). They even have human looking fingernails. 
Yeah..... from the back they are not so attractive. They look like giant rats with that think hairless tail. They are still amazing animals.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My trip to Chittenango....

Well I went to Chittenango as planned. I dropped off a HUGE bag of items to the Salvation Army Store. I am proud to say that I won over temptation!! My "junk" collecting side was being sucked in to going in the store to see what goodies I could find... but I did not give in to temptation there. 

I also went to Sorbello's Produce & Lawn Nursery as planned. OMG!!!!!  Their new facility and services are phenomenal!!!  I must have browsed for over an hour.... admiring all the cool .... unique flowers and such!! They have such a huge selection and I am amazed at how many really pretty and unusual flowers they have. There are so many that I'd never even heard of before!!  Ahhhh and not to mention... the facility itself is so nice. Very well landscaped (inside and out). I'd love to work in that type of atmosphere. 

Anyways... then I stopped at my Dad's house down the road from the produce stand. Dad, my sister Debbie & nephew Brad were all sitting outside enjoying the beautiful breeze. 
We sat and chatted over the loud traffic zooming by. I don't think I could ever get use to living that close to the main highway. It is so loud and dangerous.  I'll stick with country living!!

Oh wow! It's May 29th, 2010 !!!

I certainly realize I am getting old as the days... just fly by. Here we are heading in to June already.  It's the 1st of my 3 day Memorial Day Weekend and all I have planned is heading to Chittenango to drop off donations to the Salvation Army, Go to the grocery store to pick up some cook-out foods & to stop by my friend John Sorbello's Produce, Lawn & Garden Center to pick up some plants. Maybe a few veggie plants & a few perennials.
I have been working in my flower beds these past few days and realize they need some rejuvenation.
Weeks ago I purchased some fruit tree's/bushes from Stark Bro's & from Michigan Bulb Co.  So they will have to be planted this weekend as well.
Let's see... I bought 2 blue berry bushes.... yum yum!!  A Cherry Tree which actually grows edible cherries... 2 mulberry tree's..... oh... and about 10 different colored hydrangea bushes...and a butterfly bush.
I can't wait for the fruits to start growing... (in 2-4 yrs)  :o(    It's a LONG wait but...... they'll be so good when they do come.

Well.... it's off to Chittenango!! Bye!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm Back!! Boy it's been a long time!!

Hello World!!

It has been a very long time since I last posted my thoughts. I really haven't had much to say I guess. (I still don't) ;-o
Here we are headed in to the year 2010.... it seems so science fiction like. The year 2010! Woe!
Interestingly enough, tonight (New Year's Eve) at 19:11 (7:11pm) GMT, we'll experience a "Blue Moon".
Then the next one will be in the year 2012 -August 31st at 13:56 (1:56pm GMT). I have read some interesting historic facts regarding this whole "Blue Moon" occurance.

Apparently there will not be another Blue moon on New Year's Eve for another 19 years. Disk Jockies on the radio this morning were saying that the term "Blue Moon" came from the fact that a 2nd full moon only occurs every 19 years on New Year's Eve however according to NASA's website, The term "Blue Moon" is given to the 2nd full moon in a calendar month. That a full moon only occurs every 29.5 days which means there will never be a ful moon in February.
They go on to say that the term Blue Moon ... aka Once in a blue moon, means a rare occurance however 2 full moons in a calendar month are not that rare at all. Apparently they occur every 2.5 years. Huh!! Who would have guessed?!

NASA also states that the term Blue Moon originated in 1883 when Krakatau (a small volcanic island in Indonesia) where the volcano erupted such a huge amount of volcanic dust, the moon actually had a blue color to it. (Which had nothing to do with the full moon). This volcanic dust - that caused the moon to appear blue was such a rare, unusual occurance... perhaps only a one time occurance... the phrase "One in a Blue Moon" came to light.

Apparently somewhere down the road of time, it got misinterpreted by reporters or something like that.

Why am I sharing this info? Well... I don't really know. It was on my mind when I started to type. If I of all people found it interesting... someone else out there may too!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 12, 2009

Well, It is finally a sunny day. We have had so much rain this year... I have not had to water my garden. My veggie plants are strong and healthy. They're sure to bring us some nice juicy vegetables.
Yesterday we sold 7 cords of wood. The man wants even more so today we will be out back in the forest, cutting up tree's and splitting it. Due to the crashing economy, more and more people are resorting to woodstoves for heating. I can't say that I blame them as we'd have a woodstove too if we had room for one. I'm all for not having to buy heating kerosene every winter.
I have been fiddling around with Facebook.... however I have yet to understand the concept of it. Why don't people just email one another as opposed to short notes posted on a wall for the world to see. Perhaps I am just getting prematurely old. ;-0

My son Jeremy is doing well since arriving home from Canon City, Colorado on April 28th. He had been gone for nearly 7 years. I thank God every day for returning him home to me. It feels like 600lbs has been lifted off my shoulders. I worried about him out there with no family to turn to. Plus of course I missed him. Amazingly enough, he landed a decent job by the 3rd week of being home. The pay isn't the best but they have excellent benefits and it is super close by.
He says that once he saves enough money, he'll be buying himself another vehicle so he can get around on his own.

I've been on clindamycin antibiotics for a nasty tooth root abscess that has been paining me for 7 days now. I believe the clindamycin is the cause to some very vivid... realistic dreams where I am trying to save Jeremy & Jennifer from harm... like last night I dreamt that Billie Fucillo the autodealer here in NY was a mobster and he was killing off kids because he hates little people. I begged him to kill me instead... to please allow my children to live. It was a horrid dream. This is like the 4th dream I have had this week... trying to save my 2 children. The weird thing is... Jennifer passed away back in 1991 from an inoperable brain stem tumor. I couldn't prevent her from that yet alone stop the tumor from killing her. Perhaps I carry a deep seeded guilt within for not being able to protect her from that. I don't know.

Well, I am needed outside now to help stack wood. Bye!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Life in General....

I'm in one of those moods today.... wondering what my purpose in life is or if I even have one.  It's as if I live to work... to barely make ends meet... struggle from pay check to pay check.  You know... live to work & work to live. 
I can't help but worry about all those people without jobs and those in poverish nations. How will they ever survive this crashing economy?! I have a good job and it is a struggle.  Who will help those in need? Most of us have nothing left to give. I actually have to fight back the tears of empathy and fear. Depression seems to fill my inner being as I am in no position to help anyone in need as I can barely keep my own head above water. What worries me most is... nobody seems to be worried about those less fortunate. The government seems to be taking care of only the big financial guru's, not us lower to middle class working people. They are making more loans available to us but more debt is the last thing any of us need. WE need the bailouts... not AIG, Wallstreet or the auto industry. The environment would be much better off with less vehicles polluting it. 

Sorry for my negativity today. I am usually upbeat & bubbly but this economy really has me down. It hurts me to see friends and loved ones bottom out and I am unable to help them. It is my nurturing nature to want to help people in need. Perhaps too, I emotionally need to repay society for all the love and prayers sent to me and my family during our very trying time, during my daughter Jennifer's illness and untimely death.  I don't really know what it is that makes me feel compassion towards others and the less fortunate, poverish people who are forgotten or ignored. I just know how stressful it feels when I don't have enough money to make a bill payment on time.... or how embarrassed it feels to have to roll change to put gas in my vehicle.... it is extremely depressing to the point of withdrawal. I can see why the suicide rate has spiked so high. It is as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel. 

The bright side of this all is.... THERE IS A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!  We just haven't gotten close enough to see it!!  Things will get very dark for awhile but eventually we WILL be guided back in to the light.   The Great Depression started in October of 1929 with the crash of the stock markets. Soon to follow was the economic downfall which started in the USA then soon rippled throughout the world. The great depression lasted from 1929 through the last 1930's and even in to 1940 in some parts of the world. Gas and food were rationed. Industries came to a screaching halt.  It was a devastating time. 

Are we headed for this again?!  Are we prepared if it does? Can Americans even survive such a crisis after having relied on such high tech modern luxuries as cell phones, high speed internet, blue tooth technology, Satellite systems, hybrid cars and so many others? That would be like asking a NY City resident to survive on the land in the middle of nowhere without access to civilization. Hmmmm.  Food for thought. 

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Christmas Stocking Pattern

My Christmas Stocking

This stocking is made with a Red round knifty knitter loom.
It measures approximately 6.5" wide x 21" long (toe to top). Making this fun & festive stocking goes fairly fast. It's nice and sturdy to hold all those traditional goodies. They make great gifts when filled with fanciful surprises. $3.50

Free Pumpkin Pattern!

Autumn Harvest Ribbed Pumpkin Pattern for Loom Knitting
A delightful Autumn Harvest Pumpkin pattern designed specifically with the newer loomer in mind. Benefit from very simplified instructions. A pattern that uses a Green Knifty Knitter (36 pegs 13/16” gauge)round Loom and bulky yarn. A fun project that goes pretty fast.

These pumkins look wonderful among your Autumn Harvest centerpiece, on a mantle, in the office, as a festive toy for young ones, on your porch at Halloween time.... or next to your turkey at Thanksgiving time.
Give as gifts to senior citizens, hospital patients, friends & relatives. Knit your own pumpkin patch this year!

Green Round Knifty Knitter Loom
Blue Round KK Loom
Loom Tool (Pick)
Styrofoam ball (approx 8” diameter)
Pumpkin orange bulky yarn (1.5 skeins)
Stem & Leaf yarn – this pattern made with 2 colors:
Red Heart Plush (Medium 4 Bulky) Dk Sage & Red Heart Plush Lt Sage
Very little needed of each.
Yarn Needle & Scissors
Wonder Knitter for I-Cord Stem
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Loom Knit Ribbed Autumn Harvest Pumpkin

• Copyright by Pam Keville. This pattern & every part of it is copyright owned. No part of this pattern is to be copied, transferred, emailed, posted, or used in any other format. It is for personal use only & not to be shared without written permission of author.You may direct others to this page.

This pattern has many options for the creative loomer. It can be made with a Styrofoam ball inside as this pattern is done, or you could stuff it with polyfil used for pillow projects. You can take a pair of pantyhose, tie off the legs filling the upper portion with pumpkin spice potpourri to add a festive aroma to the air.


Using the Green KK Loom (36 pegs 13/16” gauge)
Row 1) With pumpkin orange bulky yarn (2 strands as one), “e-wrap” all 36 pegs. (do not knit off)
Row 2) e-wrap another time around all 36 pegs. (do not knit off)
Row 3) e-wrap peg 1 – wrap working yarn (wy) to outside peg 2 & purl it pulling wy up under peg 2 loops, removing from peg, applying new loop to peg 2. e-wrap peg 3 - working yarn (wy) to outside peg 4 & purl it. Continue this process completely around the loom. **
It will appear as odd # pegs will have 3 loops, even pegs will have 2 until purled, then one.

Row 4) Knit off odd pegs 1-3-5-7-9, etc all around loom, knitting off 2 loops over 1 loop.

** Repeat series- Rows 1-4 as above until you reach 32 rows. Leave a 10” long tail when finishing row 32.
Binding off is simply done by threading a yarn needle with both strands of tail yarn. Weaving needle through each loop, remove the loops as you go.
Smush the loops together on the tail yarn as you go. When all loops are off the loom, tighten to close the circle. Tie a knot or two then weave the
needle through the threaded loops to hide the remaining tail yarn. Trim any excess.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Finally Finished my "Simple Sweater" !!!

Loom Knitter's Classroom project: "Simple Sweater" using a KISS adjustable gauge Loom.
This was not a simple sweater at all for me as I had never used this type of loom before so that in itself was a challenge. Graciela Worth designed this pattern which was a good challenging one for the class. Thankkfully she is a very patient teacher, as we needed her help quite alot.
I had the most difficulty increasing stitches as it kept leaving a hole. Oh... I also hated seaming the pieces together. I don't think I'll be a sweater maker. Nah! Not me!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My New Adjustable Gauge Loom!!

This intimidating new loom is the loom of all looms!! It is the first and only knitting loom so far that allows you to not only adjust the size of your loom... but to adjust the gauge!!
Yep!! You're right!! That means that you only need the one loom to handle all your loom knitting projects... big or small!!
Oh... this loom also doubles as a knitting board also which means that you can do those double knit projects too!!
It truly is a revolutionary adjustable gauge loom.
Where'd I get it you ask???
I got it from Cliff, the inventor so if you have any questions for Cliff... email him at:
You're curious as to how to use it...aren't you?! Well let's see... Cliff recruited Graciela Worth of Gracie Land Crafts to test his prototype model back in May 2007.
Graciela created a DVD to help visual learners how to use the KISS Loom and that can be found here: KISS LOOMS: The Basics
By August 2007 they had a new KISS Loom group where "Kiss users" could go to learn more about their looms and how to use them.
Tomorrow (Sunday July 27th, 2008) Graciela is teaching a 3 week KISS Loom class using a pattern called: Simple Sweater that she designed. It will be the first time I even laid yarn upon my new KISS Loom so this ought to be quite interesting ;-o
Oh yes... you're wondering why it is called a KISS loom. K.I.S.S. stands for Keep It Simple Stupid (as thee ol' saying goes). (Not to insinuate loomers are stupid but from what I understand... this whole adjustable gauge hit Cliff like a brick as if a lightbulb in his head turned on and he saw it all too clearly... an adjustable gauge loom!! He said it was just too simple of an idea and couldn't believe nobody had thought of that before.
So... whah-la... he invented one!! Thanks Cliff!!